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The Club recently asked the players to complete a player’s survey, this was the first time that this had been done at the club and the feedback was interesting. The players were asked what they thought was great about the season, what they had enjoyed, what we could do better and what they were looking forward to. Responses came from varying age groups, but all shared the same themes.


We asked what was great about the season?

While the weather had hampered the season, the players said that they had “enjoyed playing the sport they love and spending time with friends”.

The players enjoyed winning games and having the opportunity to play in different positions. They also enjoyed learning new skills. Most players commented that the teams got better as they played together, and they made new friends and developed partnerships on and off the field.

Even when games were called off, the club did their best to arrange friendlies.

We asked what the best thing about the season was and the overwhelming response from the players was that they enjoyed playing football and winning. They also enjoyed scoring goals, no matter what position they played in. Overall, they enjoyed being successful.

The players spoke highly of family values and the pride they had when parents and grandparents attended games to watch them and how they enjoyed being coached by parents.

All players are looking forward to getting back to playing again the game they love and seeing all their mates.


We asked players when thinking about the club, what was good and bad about the club?

Most people agreed that the club was a well-run club, and they felt part of “one big family” while at the club.

The club has great coaches and managers who are always encouraging and positive and care about each player.

The club allows everyone the opportunity to join and get a fair chance to play. It was well organised and had regular training sessions.

Playing for the club allows players to meet new friends and get the opportunity to meet friends from different schools.

The players loved the kit and felt proud to wear it.

The club had lots of social events which allowed players to be with friends.


We asked what the club could do better?

The players wanted more football. It was agreed that the weather had not helped this and that the pitches at Mardale were not up to standard and needed to be maintained.

It was agreed that the astro turf at Longridge High School needed to be upgraded to 4G to allow more games in bad weather.

Some players said that training sessions needed to be improved with new drills.

It was also raised that the club could have away kits to wear.


We asked the players how they could help improve the club.

Players agreed that they should always make themselves available and always try their best. When wearing the kit, they should always represent the club well.

Older players wanted to help more with ideas for training and match days.

Players wanted to organise money raising events to raise money for new training and playing facilities.


In summary,

Players love playing for the club and being with their friends. The club feels like an extended family.

There are opportunities for all to play football and players get the opportunity to try out new positions. Players love winning and scoring goals.

The club is well organised, there is good communication and plenty of extracurricular activities.

The weather has not been kind this season, and although the club have tried to arrange friendlies, the pitches have at times not allowed this due to their poor maintenance. We will sit down with the Council and discuss how we can improve the pitches. We will also start talks with the Football Association in order to bring a 4G facility to Longridge although this is no easy work.

We will investigate the possibility of bringing in an away kit for the forthcoming season.

We will also look at updating equipment at the club through fundraising.

These things will require investment and the club faces challenging times now due to loss of subs this season due to the season being cut short, but hopefully are in a good position to provide extra equipment. It also requires the help of parents within the club at committee level.


The final point that each player said when we asked what they were looking forward to, was that they wanted to get back to playing football.

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