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Grandma renews her deal to support local sport and farmers.

We are please to announce that Grandma Singletons have agreed to renew their sponsorship of our "Little Kickers" development squad for a further 12 months.

"Little Kickers" was launched just over 18 months ago with the help of Grandma Singletons who wanted to show their support of local sport and farmers. The original deal meant that all "Little Kickers" could be provided with club shirts. The shirts gave the youngsters an identity and sense of belonging to the club. Numbers at the Monday night sessions have rose threefold in the first 18 months.

Without the support of Grandma Singletons and our other sponsors, we would not be able to provide affordable football to the children of Longridge and we thank each and every one of our sponsors.

If you are interested in joining up with the "Little Kickers" group which is aimed at 4-6 year olds, then please get in touch with the club

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