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Dewhurst Homes to end club sponsorship

It is with deep regret that we announce that Dewhurst Homes are to end their 5 year association with the Juniors.

Dewhurst Homes have become synonymous with football in Longridge and their logo has become a big part of the club. What they have done for grassroots football and for turning around our club is commendable. They will be awfully difficult sponsors to replace.

Dewhurst Homes commented,

"We have been very pleased and proud to support the teams over the last few years. An amazing job is being done by the club and all involved and we wish you all the very best for future success."

Our sponsors do a tremendous job in supporting our clubs and lessening the financial burden incurred by our parents by providing kits for our children. This allows us to maintain some of the lowest level of subscriptions in Preston.

The job now begins to find a sponsor to fill these very big boots. If you are interested, the please email or speak to one of our club coaches.

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