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You have to be in it to Win it - Parents v Coaches 2

Excitement is building ahead of the Parents v Coaches match which will take place on Sunday 17th June at 11am at Mardale Road, Longridge.

The teams for the games are slowly taking shape, but its not to late to enter.

For the coaches, we have the experienced squad that unluckily missed out on success last year although a busy summer of recruitment there is fresh young blood ready and raring to go.

The line up for the coaches with more names to be announced are...

1. Dave Ellis

2. Andy Marsden

3. Andy Davis

4. Tony Smalley

5. Rob Davis

6. Michael Cookson

7. Simon Gornall

8. Nick Woloszcuk

9. Mark Fisher

10. Leighton Fisher

11. Mark Cummings

Trying to retain the trophy for the 2nd year are the unknown quantity that is the parent. We all know their tactical knowledge from the shouts from the touchline, but do they have the know how to handle a coaches side out for Payback.

1. Tom Bamber

2. John Pickard

3. Simon Hindley

4. Lee Marginson

5. Harriet Shorrock

6. Jack English

7. Dane Leeming

8. Andy Cook

9. Jon Atkinson

10. Andrew Watson

If you still want to take part, then you can still enter by registering at

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