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You have to be in it to Win it - Parents v Coaches 2

With just over 3 weeks to go until the big game, the excitement is reaching fever pitch.

The transfer merry go round has already started with parents attempting to become coaches for the day and birth certificates being falsified to be old enough to be a parent.

As the coaches build an experienced side with a combined age of about 572, the parents look for youth, skill and bending the rules

The latest line up for the coaches are...

1. Dave Ellis

2. Andy Marsden

3. Andy Davis

4. Tony Smalley

5. Rob Davis

6. Michael Cookson

7. Simon Gornall

8. Nick Woloszcuk

9. Mark Fisher

10. Leighton Fisher

11. Mark Cummings

12. Jack English

13. Tom Southworth

14. Jonathan Cronin

The parents line up is:-

1. Tom Bamber

2. John Pickard

3. Simon Hindley

4. Lee Marginson

5. Mark Wilson

6. Matt Wilson

7. Dane Leeming

8. Andy Cook

9. Jon Atkinson

10. Andrew Watson

11. Jordan Wilson

12. Ricky Mercer

If you still want to take part, then you can still enter by registering at

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