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Get into refereeing

Referees are a vital part of the game that we play today, without referees the game cannot be played.

Over the last few years, the drop in the number of available referees has been dramatic and it

has often caused games to be cancelled or officiated by parents. At the club, we see the importance of

the players we have and hope that we can utilise this talent to create referees now and for the future.

Anyone over the age of 14 can take the FA Referee Course and start upon their refereeing career and

potentially become a Premier League referee of the future. The FA Referees course is designed to equip

new referees with the key skills and knowledge that they will need to be able to referee grassroots games

safely and effectively.

The cost of this course if £130 which Longridge Town Juniors will cover in return for newly qualified

referees taking charge of club games in the future. If anyone is interested in taking the course or knows

of anyone that may be interested, then we ask that you contact the club to make your interest known.


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