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SWC renew shirt sponsorship

LTJFC are pleased to announce that SWC have agreed to renew their sponsorship of the club. The deal will see the SWC logo on the front of the club shirts for a further 2 years.

It is a massive commitment from SWC and shows the amount of support that SWC have for grassroots football in the Longridge area.

The deal was a no-brainer for the club, Managing Director Ben Lee showing a real enthusiasm for the club and a knowledge of grassroots football that is second to none. He has a winning mentality and shows a commitment to drive the club forward.

We are currently experiencing a global pandemic which has meant that all football has been suspended, but when we do return we want to provide to the children of Longridge, a club that they can use to get back to normality whatever that may be. Grassroots Football Clubs are vital parts of the local community, providing health and social benefits to the youngsters of the community and it will be vital to the children to have these activities. SWC's commitment ensures that this will happen bigger and better than before.


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