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The Boot Exchange! Old boots in good condition just lying around? Why not put them to good use...

The purpose of the boot exchange is to re-use football boots that are in "good condition" and drive down the cost of children playing football.

Football boots are probably the most expensive personal kit that you need for your child to play football and they grow out of them so quickly, generally before the boots themselves even look as if they have been worn.

If you have football boots that no longer fit your child and would like to donate them to the club, then please hand them to your child's football coach at their training session.

There are just a few things that you need to check prior to handing them in:-

  • Ensure they are clean

  • Check that there are no studs missing or damaged

  • Ensure the boots themselves are not ripped

  • Check they are a pair

In return, we will keep the boots and for a donation of £5 pounds, which will go back into club funds, you may then choose a pair of boots for your child from our list.

If anyone is interested in a pair of boots, please contact one of the coaches to register an interest.

Latest stock

Size 2 Addidas F10 Red boots

Size 3 Addidas F30 boots

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