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There's no place like Holme - Its time to rewrite our CV.

The plight of junior football in the Preston area was again highlighted in the local press this week.

Our Under 7's and 8's have yet to play football at Central Venue this season after travellers moved on to the land causing substantial damage at the end of August, added to this, the bad weather that we have experienced has meant that vital repairs have not been able to take place. It is now anticipated that these works may now not take place until spring.

Due to the lack of physical education at Schools, for some this may be the only exercise that they may participate in. At Longridge Town, we have been lucky to have the use of our own 5 a side pitches and all-weather surfaces, but not all clubs are in this fortunate position.

Penwortham Holme (affectionately know as CV) has been the home of junior football since 1928 and is the longest established sporting venue in the County of Lancashire. It has seen many youngsters start their footballing careers there before turning professional, including our very own Will Hayhurst who went on to play for PNE and Notts County.

The venue is used by teams from across the county and is a footballing hub for the whole community. For 7 year old's and their new coaches it is a place where they can learn their skills from their peers in a fun and friendly environment.

Much has been made of the success of the current National Youth teams, but unless we can provide facilities for our youngest players, then this success will be short lived.

The Mid Lancs Colts who run our league do a fantastic job in running and maintaining this venue, but there is only so much they can do. The venue needs investment and needs local clubs and businesses to work with the local council and provide a first class facility to be proud of. The only way that we can do this is by word of mouth. #makeitaholme

We ask that all players and parents promote this cause through social media. If anyone knows of any local businesses that can support this cause, then please contact the League Secretary, Ian Christopher on 07505 281899.

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