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Club appoint Club Welfare Officer

Following last nights AGM, the club have appointed Rachel Lancaster as the clubs welfare officer.

Rachel brings with her a wealth of experience having previously coached and been club secretary at Chipping before coming to the club and knows the day to day running of a grassroots club. The mother of two young children, she also understands things from a childs perspective.

Rachel said on her appointment "I am happy to join LTJFC as your new Club Welfare Officer. I have a lot of experience in working with children and families gained through my job and my various volunteer roles in the community.

As the clubs CWO I have two key responsibilities which are:

To be clear about the club’s responsibilities when running activities for children and young people and,

To help club personnel (coaches, committee etc) understand what their ‘duty of care’ towards children and young people means and, what that will include on a day-to-day basis.

My top priority is the wellbeing of our children and young people. I will always try to clearly communicate to you as a parent, coach, team manager. Should you have any questions at this stage then please do contact me via the club website or via your child’s team manager.

Child welfare is of the utmost importance at the club and we are looking at various ventures in the future that will emphasise its importance. All parents, coaches and players are subject to codes of conduct and are reminded of their duties.

If anyone has any child welfare concern, then they can contact Rachel on 07949 959551 or email at


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