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Coaching opportunities

Longridge Town Juniors are hoping to find the coaches of the future by reaching out to their under 16's.

The club discussed the need to retain these players and provide opportunities for them after football whether that be coaching or refereeing.

It was realised that their was no support for the youngsters once they finished their footballing journey and it was a case of "thanks for the 10 years you have just given to us, but see you around."

Every player that finishes their footballing with the club will now be offered the opportunities to turn their hand to coaching.

In terms of coaching, what we would aim to do is bring the players in to our development coaching nights (u5-u7) and ask them to assist in a volunteer role. We would work with them to develop their coaching skills. If the player then showed a desire to continue their coaching, we would then look towards putting them forward for their Level 1 courses and eventually bring them in to take a team if this was their wish.

Every enquiry would be dealt with on an individual basis, some players may just want to spend a few weeks coaching, some may want to make a career out of it. We would work to their needs.

We feel that these skills look good on CV's when players enter the workforce and we could provide references for future employers.


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