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Lads v Dads end's season in style for u12's

Our U12's finished their season with the match to end all matches with a dads v lads game.

With a line up of just 7 parents (plus 2 coaches) and 12 lads, it was looking fairly obvious at to who was going to win this one, young, fit, able bodied lads against what could only be described as a team of has been's.......

Within the first 5 minutes, the scene was set with one of the dads suffering a groin injury. The lads taking this opportunity to carve out three good chances to try and open the scoring, but it was the "dad's" who scored the opening goal and then went on to score two more to make the score 3-0. Shortly before half time though, the lads managed to score 3-2 (due to some obscure European rule that mean away goals counted double... try telling the lads it was their home pitch). It was now half time and all to play for.

The second half saw some impressive football from both sides, but it was the "dads" who carved out 2 early goals making the score 5-2. It was end to end football after that and with both Englishby's on the score sheet, the pressure was truly mounting.

It was the dads though, that began to show signs of fading and with injuries and aching bones, it was the lads who began the comeback, and brought the scores to 7-6, next goal certainly was the winner, but as the final whistle blew, the dads came out the winners.

The lads though, clearly not to be beaten, decided that the game should be settled by a penalty shootout which they clearly won due to numerical advantage.

It was smiles all round and a great way to end the season.


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