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Sudden cardiac arrest in children

A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone without warning. A sudden cardiac arrest in children is rare but it can happen.

We will all have seen the events of the 2020 UEFA Championships when Christian Ericksen collapsed on the pitch after suffering a cardiac arrest and will have seen his rapid return to the game. This would not have been possible without the quick response of the medical team and the use of CPR and defibrillation.

At Longridge Town Juniors, all our coaches complete The FA Sudden Cardiac Arrest course as part of their training. The course teaches coaches how to spot signs and how to respond should a Sudden Cardiac Arrest happen. We also have access to a defibrillator which increases the chances of saving a life.

Unfortunately, sudden cardiac arrests do not give warning and a coach may not be at the scene, how would you react, what action would you take?

We ask that you may consider taking the short course set up by the Football Associationby which can be found at The FA Medical Courses

Having access to a defib can save lives and we are pleased to announce that working with the FA Premier League Defibrillator Fund we have been able to secure funding for an outdoor cabinet to be placed at the ground.

Linked to The Circuti, the British Heart Foundations national defibrillator network, this will give players, dog walkers and the local community access to lifesaving equipment should the need require.

Mardale Road, Longridge is a public playing field and this vital life saving equipment is accessible by all.

We are committed as a club to provide the best possible care to our players and will continue to invest to provide this care.


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