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On the 8th day of Xmas, my football coach sent to me.... 8 V Pushes

Happy New Year to you all and we hope that it is a successful year for you all. Today's drill will help you achieve your successes.


V Pushes Develop Players Close Control Of The Ball To Be Able To Change Direction In Tight Areas & When Under Pressure


Focus on the correct technique

Practice with both feet

Increase speed as you master the technique


Set up 2 cones 10m apart. Player starts at cone 1 with ball and begins performing skill to cone 2. When player reaches cone 2, they turn & repeat the skill back to cone 1. Repeat. (If you don't have cones any object will do)


1. Set realistic & challenging time limits to complete (Example: “Must complete 30 V Pushes in 60 seconds”)

2. Players challenged to perform skill whilst on the move


1. Sole of foot drags ball backwards

2. Inside foot pushes ball out of body to side

3. Repeat with opposite foot

4. Increase speed.

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