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On the 9th day of Xmas, my football coach sent to me.... 9 Outside Cuts

We hope your skills are starting to improve and you are enjoying your sessions. It wont be long before training begins.



Check shoulder before performing turn

Practice with both feet

Increase speed as you master the technique


Area 10x10x10. Player starts at cone 1 with ball and dribbles towards cone 2 to perform skill and turn. Player then dribbles back towards, and around, cone 1 to repeat the same skill at cone 3, using opposite foot.


1. Set realistic & challenging time limits to complete (Example: “Must complete 1 circuit in 20 seconds”). 2. Challenge players to see how many touches of the ball they can get in between cones


1. Close control of the ball.

2. Check shoulder.

3. Fake to pass or shoot.

4. Non-Kicking foot next to ball.

5. Outside foot ‘cuts’ ball in opposite direction.

6. In 1 touch.

7. Knees bent.

8. Explode away.

9. Repeat opposite foot.

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