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On the 12th day of Xmas, my football coach sent to me.... 12 Spin Turns

So the 12 days of Christmas are all but over. I hope you have enjoyed these skills and have practiced every day. You are now a better footballer for the training you have put in. Training starts from 9th January 2017. Hope to see you there.


Spin Turn Requires The Player To Have Ball Mastery To Manipulate The Ball With Both Feet Whilst Turning The Body To Evade Defenders.


Close control of the ball

Practice with both feet

Increase speed as you master the technique


Set up 2 cones 10m apart with 1 x mannequin in the middle (or any object that can be safely dribbled around). Player starts at cone 1 with ball and dribbles to mannequin before performing skill and continue dribbling to cone 2. When player reaches cone 2, they turn & repeat the skill back to cone 1. Repeat. (If you don't have cones any object will do)


1. Set realistic & challenging time limits to complete (Example: “Must complete 1 circuit in 40 seconds”)


1. Close control of the ball

2. Sole of the foot on top of the ball

3. Rotate body as foot stays on top of ball

4. Sole of opposite foot on top of the ball

5. Drag the ball backwards

6. Open body out in direction of ball

7. Explode away out of the turn.

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