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Dissapointment for Coaches as parents hit seven

"Wet, Dark, Dismal", was the best way to summarise the performance of the coaches as the annual Parents v Coaches match concluded this weekend. It also describes the weather that presented itself to the both teams as they kicked off the end of season ritual.

The turnout was good as the parents looked for revenge for last seasons defeat and both teams fielded strong squads. The match kicked off and was fairly competitive and it took 20 mins for the deadlock to be broken with the parents capitalising on some dodgy defending . Both teams fought to gain the upper hand and it was the coaches that went in at half time 2-1

Team talks at half time for the coaches was more about injuries than tactics and the parents could sense that victory was in their grasp, but it was the coaches that came out stronger and momentum turned, the coaches hit back with star player Smalley making a mockery out of the keeper to level the scores. The coaches could sense a victory. Then Smalley would secure his hatrick as he netted from the spot.

But at 3-2 up, injuries took their toll and ageing legs were to be seen in the coaches team, with nothing left on the bench the coaches had nothing left to give and the parents ran riot, the game finishing 7-3.

The score did not do the coaches justice, in what was a very even game, but at the final whistle, handshakes were shared and smiles were placed on faces. The trophy was handed to the parents, but it will be back with the coaches next year....


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